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Allegro is the market leader in Internet Commerce in Poland

Allegro is one of the leaders of the Internet Commerce market in Poland and CIS countries. This project has become a successful online auction of various products and the largest marketplace Runet with a huge range of offers. Here everyone will find everything he is looking for, from mass-market goods to unique lots.

In most cases, Allegro successfully implements its business tens of thousands of individual sellers from different countries.

Auction Allegro-Seller puts the goods for sale and stating the initial value of the goods becomes a member of the portal. There are two options for the sale of goods "Buy now" and the second is the principle of the auction. When "Buy now" you do not have to wait for the end of the auction, you can immediately pay for the goods and agree with the seller about the delivery, yourself or through an intermediary. With the participation in the auction(auction) the lot will be purchased by the one who will make the best offer to the seller.

The objects of sale (offer) on Allegro are more than 10000000 products that are updated every second, you can easily find and pick them up, they are very competent and just provided in the appropriate categories. Sellers on this portal are both professionals and individuals offering new and used goods and spare parts.

When registering for allgero, each participant is assigned a personal code, which is sent by mail to the address of residence or registration.

A reflection of decency or Vice versa is the rating of the bidder, which reflects the position and integrity of the selling(offering) party. Rating is of great importance when making a deal for the buyer. Higher the rating lower is the risk!

Staff resource Allegro and ensure the safety of transactions and in case of violation transactions participant predotvraschaet violations.

Allegro-today it is the largest trading portal in Poland, which involves small, medium-sized businesses and individuals.

Over 14 years of participation: tens of thousands of sales daily and half a million visits per day. The allegro portal develops cooperation with professional sellers, attracts more and more partners, introduces new services for its users and strengthens measures for the security of transactions and for the protection of sellers and buyers.

The guarantee of safety of purchases, it is possible to consider with confidence system of responses and a rating, the checked sellers, and also the program of protection of buyers.

Allegro develops in support of the European company Allegro Group, the project of which successfully works in Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic,