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Agreement subject.

 This Agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") defines the agreement between the resource "" in the future, the Contractor, on the one hand, and the individual/legal entity, in the future, the Customer, on the other hand, the conditions of Agency services listed below.

    1. Treaty provision.
1.1.    The agreement shall enter into force upon submission/registration of the application through the "order form" on the website of the Intermediary.
1.2.    Violation of the terms of the contract by the Customer may be intentional illegal or fraudulent actions (ordering prohibited goods/cargo, etc.), in this case, the contractor has the right to unilaterally terminate the performance of this contract.

    2. Description of the contract.
2.1.    The intermediary provides information on its Internet resource to the Customer, only for personal use. The customer uses it only for purchase / sale in online stores and warehouses in Poland and Europe.
2.2.    The customer applies to the intermediary For the provision of services in the organization of purchase/purchase, and in the future, delivery and transportation of cargo/goods by courier services from Poland and Europe to Ukraine.
2.3.    The use of this resource is prohibited to persons under the age of majority.
2.4.    Execution of an order for third parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Contractor.
2.5.    In case of need for additional coordination of the goods with the seller / supplier and photo reports, the Customer undertakes to pay additional costs of the Contractor.
2.6.    The contract is considered to be fulfilled and claims are not accepted in the following cases;
2.6.1.    The customer took the goods from the courier service or mail.
2.6.2.    The customer refused the purchased goods / cargo.

    3. Obligations of the parties.
3.1.    The contractor undertakes to assist in the purchase of goods/offers in online stores and online auctions, as well as warehouses in Europe, payment for services and goods in these areas by agreement with the Customer and his order.
3.2.    The contractor undertakes:
3.2.1.    Accept the order after its payment, according to the agreed amount with the Customer and in case of circumstances related to changes in exchange rates notify the customer orally or in writing.
3.2.2.    Accompany the transaction between the Customer and the Seller/supplier until complete, and provide information about the goods to the customer's request, as far as possible.
3.2.3.    To buy the goods according to the application filed on the resource and in case of any changes in the cost (associated with the rise in the cost of sending by courier or replacement of the goods/cargo by the selling party) to notify the Customer.
3.2.4.    To organize the dispatch by courier service according to the submitted application at the same time cargo/goods insurance, as well as the amount of insurance, the Customer determines independently and notifies the Intermediary in writing.
3.2.5.    Provide assistance to the Customer in case of problems associated with the inability of a third party delivery/shipment of goods/cargo to the Customer, and on his instructions to claim a refund, in the future to return the funds minus direct overhead costs (Bank Commission, etc.), as well as the Commission of the Contractor.
3.2.6.    Observe the confidentiality of the customer's data transferred to the Contractor related to the execution of the order.
3.2.7.    If the customer does not take the goods from the carrier, courier service and others, within 10 days, the Contractor has the right to issue a return of the goods and leave the goods in storage, but not more than 3 months. In case of written request of the customer, send the goods according to the previously submitted data in the "Application" with the condition of payment of warehouse and other overhead costs. At the end of 3 months, the Intermediary has the right to sell the goods/cargo and at the expense of funds from the sale to cover the costs associated with transportation, storage and other overhead costs.
3.2.8.    Take all reasonable steps to deliver the goods in accordance with the agreement, but such agreement is not part of this agreement, and the Contractor shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by the delay of the goods/cargo.

    3.3.    The customer agrees:
3.3.1    It is up to you to choose the goods and make sure that they comply with the requirements, as well as to make sure that the goods/cargo are allowed for shipment by courier services and customs clearance. Not to make claims on performance and quality / complete set of the goods having mechanical and electric moving parts which are not coordinated according to the instruction and the additional agreement with the Customer on the basis of its written requirement and payment for service of coordination.
3.3.2.    When ordering goods, the Customer at his own risk makes an application for purchase/delivery of goods / cargo from sellers with a rating lower than 99.6%, as well as the cost of the goods can not be significantly lower than the average cost of similar goods.
3.3.3.    If necessary, contact an Intermediary to request additional information about the product from the seller.
3.3.4.    The customer undertakes to make an additional payment for the goods if the submitted price in the offer or declared on the resource of a third party differs from the actual receipt of the goods/cargo at the warehouse of the Intermediary in Poland, if the Customer refuses to make an additional payment, the Contractor has the right to refuse to receive the goods, as well as in cases (damage to the goods or non-compliance of the goods with the description on the seller's page) and to make a refund to the Customer with the Commission or overhead charges.
3.3.5.    The customer has the opportunity to refuse delivery of the goods, but at the same time to pay the overhead, transportation and other costs of the Contractor associated with the order.
3.3.6.    The contractor in writing, full information on demand for the goods with the provision of a sample photo, indicating the size, weight, indicating the number of compliance and a detailed description of the requirements, in the case of ordering the following goods;
 Article I. Auto products and parts
Spar, quarter car, roof, front panel, bumper, instrument panel, gearboxes, gearboxes, engine and chassis parts, electric and electronic containing, engine, exterior mirror,
Article II.    Auto products and spare parts (for transitional models)
Fender, headlight, brake light, fog light, grille, front and rear bumper, doors and moldings.
Article III.    General requirements for clothing, footwear, electrical goods, furniture, spare parts, etc.
Color, hue, tone, volume, insole size, size in m3 or length, etc., equipment, shape, diameter, material composition, reference, model, etc..
 3.3.7.    The customer agrees not to make claims to the Contractor related to the responsibility of third parties for the goods/cargo involved directly or indirectly in the execution of the order, such as delivery services/courier, mail, banks or payment systems, means of communication, and others. And also not to involve in proceedings with third parties organizations, etc.

    3.4.    Force majeure.
3.4.1.    The parties are released from responsibility of the undertaken obligations in connection with the inability to fulfill them due to insurmountable reasons related to: weather conditions and natural disaster (hurricane, storm, flood, snow, ice, earthquake, fire, subsidence and displacement of the soil);  Unforeseen situations caused by the actions of the party is not a party to the relevant agreement (strike, lockout, action of the public enemy, declared and undeclared war, threat of war, terrorist act, blockade, revolution, rebellion, uprising, riots, public demonstration, illegal actions of third parties, fire, explosion); Conditions regulated by the relevant Executive authorities, as well as related to the elimination of consequences caused by exceptional weather conditions and unforeseen situations. Which a party to this agreement could not foresee and overcome.

    3.5.    Dispute resolution.
3.5.1.    In the event of any disputes or disagreements arising under these terms and conditions during the term of the agreement, or related thereto, the parties shall take measures to resolve them and settle them through bilateral negotiations.
3.5.2.    In cases where it is impossible to find a compromise or a solution, both parties have the right to seek assistance from the relevant legal services and authorities.

    3.6.    Contract period
3.6.1.    This agreement shall enter into force from the date of acceptance by the Customer and shall be considered valid until its execution by the Intermediary, as well as by the Customer. For this period, the contract is provided in electronic form and recognized by the Customer and the Contractor as legally binding. In this case, the Contractor reserves the right to make changes to this agreement, with which the Customer is obliged to regularly read on the website page If the Customer does not agree with the new terms of the agreement, he has the right to refuse to provide the service, and the Customer has the right to claim the balance of funds, except for direct and indirect costs of performers, as well as actually incurred costs.

    The right to this public offer agreement, its application belongs to the resource "" and may not be transferred or used by third parties. According to Art. 435 of the civil code and Art. 436 of the civil code of Ukraine.