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Support of purchase of goods in Poland

Support for the purchase of any goods presented in the official online stores of Poland (, etc.), as well as in the leading Polish stores. We save your time and money.

Guarantee and payment

"Goods from Poland" is an alternative to low-quality China, which is imported to Ukraine. On the Polish sites you will find a huge selection of products at affordable prices.

Please note: zpolski is an intermediary in the process of coordinating the delivery of goods, we are not sellers of specific lots and goods.

Payment for services

You can pay for our services in the following ways:

in Ukraine:

On PrivatBank card

Economical and convenient way to pay for services. The account will be credited with the amount paid by you minus 2% Commission for the transfer.

Cash in UAH. to our representative in the cities: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Krivoy Rog, Lutsk, Mostiska, Odessa, Rava Russkaya, Kherson, Khmelnytsky. Lviv, Nikolaev.

Payment is made on the data provided by us or directly to the seller, as agreed by the parties.

in Poland:

PayPal is the world's largest electronic payment system. Please note that there is a 4% PayPal fee when you pay.

Western Union is the most famous money transfer service with service points all over the globe. The entire amount of the received transfer will be credited to the account.

If you pay for the goods directly to the Polish side, the cost of our services (warehouse services and delivery from Poland) can be paid by cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods or on the PrivatBank card.

Guarantees of delivery and return of goods

As intermediaries in the agreement, we can only guarantee the delivery of the goods according to the description on the website of the seller. Please specify all technical characteristics, compatibility, condition of goods, etc. before sending. By placing an order on the site, you agree that the technical condition of the goods suits you.

Guarantees for the goods(spare part) corresponds to the guarantees provided by the seller (supplier) it is necessary to carefully read the characteristics described on the page of the lot. We do not provide additional guarantees for the goods delivered to Ukraine(spare part), as well as for the performance and complete set of used and new spare parts presented on our website. If necessary, contact the Manager with a request for advice on the product or spare parts and, if possible, you will be provided with full information with a translation into Ukrainian or Russian.

Also, for an additional fee, we will make all necessary approvals with the selling party.

Return of goods or refund of its value is made within 5-15 days from the date of return (refusal) of the goods by the buyer, "the date of return (refusal) of the goods by the buyer is the date of arrival of the goods in the city of the buyer by the domestic carrier", in the cases described below:

An error in which the received product or spare part is clearly different from the ordered product(s), spare parts and can not be used for its intended purpose.

A refund for the unfulfilled order because of the failure of the seller(through no fault of the mediator reasons), it is possible to partially/fully in proportion to the value of the order of several lots purchased at at the request of the customer.

Marriage, an error in which the Seller sent the goods with irreparable defects (except for electronic, electrical, mechanical components and the goods required high-precision measurements) with a retention of 50% of the cost of the part, subject to preservation of the presentation (preservation of the integrity of the goods, the presence of a check and labeling required)

Return of Goods without a reason is possible with a retention of 50% of the cost of the part, subject to the preservation of the presentation (preservation of the integrity of the goods, the presence of accompanying documents and labeling required).

Upon receipt of non-working electronic or goods containing electrical and mechanical components return under additional conditions, after agreement with the seller. The buyer pays for the delivery from Poland to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Poland, plus the import and export of goods.

The goods collected (received) from the carrier are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Carefully review the goods before receiving!.

The goods ordered from different sellers, but in one purchase (order), is complete and undivided for execution and the buyer can not refuse part of the order/goods..

No refund is made in the following cases:

Product incorrectly selected by the buyer;

Traces of installation of this spare part;

The goods are made "to order" (unless otherwise agreed by the seller);

Loss or damage to goods;

Containing electronic components;

Electrical components;

The mechanical components of the;

Product required high-precision measurements;

No receipt or supporting documentation.