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ZPL-UA is a leader in the delivery of goods from Poland, offering customers a full range of services and individual approach.

We are pleased to offer you all services. 

A wide range of services for the delivery of your goods with guaranteed delivery.

Within a few days we will deliver Your goods to Ukraine.

Delivery from Poland to Ukraine is made by motor transport, which saves time.

Provide the option of purchase and delivery of goods from Internet shops and Internet auctions (Poland,, Shops in Poland - the best alternative to imported from China. Our experience with Polish shops and auctions will help you to pick up, buy and deliver any goods in the shortest possible time. When buying a product, the seller must provide a guarantee for the product, which is very important when buying on allegro and other online stores in Poland.

We provide transit storage of the purchased goods free of charge.

We work with all online stores in Poland, which do not send goods outside their country.

ZPL-UA is a reliable delivery to Ukraine since 2010.

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After receiving your letter, if necessary, you will receive a reply. 

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Based on many years of experience in coordinating the purchase of spare parts, in 2012 we expanded the opportunity for our visitors in the range of products.

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Provide the opportunity for participation in the auctions of Poland

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